26th April, 2017 - World Intellectual Property Day

La innovación mejora la vida

The Intellectual Property Day claims the important role of entrepreneurs and innovation. 


On April 26th 2017, we celebrated the Industrial and Intellectual Property Day, and to commemorate it, the “Spanish Patent and Trademark Office” (SPTO) and “the Association for the Defense of Trademarks” (ANDEMA) created a video called "Ser Único no es fácil" (" Be unique is not easy "), through which both entities wanted to defend the values of creativity, innovation, design and the role of entrepreneurs, as well as the need to protect their creations with the registration of different industrial property rights, to protect against the efforts of third parties to take unfair advantage of their innovation and creativity efforts.

You can watch the video below: 


Through this initiative, the SPTO and ANDEMA want to share that, in an increasingly global and competitive market, the registration of the innovation results grants trademarks, design, and patents right, and an exclusive use by their owners, allowing the entrepreneurs have a tool for creating strategic value for growth, competitiveness and differentiation of their companies, in an increasingly global market.


Ser único no es fácil


Since 2000, by initiative of WIPO, World Intellectual Property Day has been celebrated to raise awareness of the role that Industrial Property rights play in the promotion of innovation and creativity. In 2017, the celebration had the slogan "Innovation improves life".



In 2017, World Intellectual Property Day was an opportunity to think about the contribution that the industrial property system makes to innovation, through the attraction of investments, incentives for ideas development, and through a legal and economic return to the creators and mechanisms to ensure that their knowledge is available that innovators of the future will be able to take advantage of the present new technologies.

El impacto de las marcas