Become a member

ANDEMA is a private association; it is composed of trademark’s owners and holders of industrial property rights. Andema is an open association for those who believe in the importance of the trademarks for the companies, and in the positive impact of them for the economy, employment, and the society, and that they pursue an improving the legislative environment through the membership of the associative groups.

The associate members can:

  • To participate at the general assembly with voice and vote.
  • To be voter and be elected to be part of the Andema’s governing boards, under the conditions established by the Articles of Association.
  • To join to the Working Groups.
  • Access to the International associations’ information from which Andema belongs.
  • To participate in the activities promoted and organised by Andema.

The requests for entry into ANDEMA are stated to the Board of Director and General Assembly for study and approval.

For that, it's only necessary a letter of application for membership, completed by a dossier with trademarks held by the company or applicant.

The entity who apply for a membership and be admitted as associate, agrees to known and realising the Articles of Association and the Ethic Code, as well as to pay the membership fee approved each year by the general assembly.

If you wish more information fulfil the form below: