ANDEMA is a non-profit-making association representing companies from a range of sectors. At present, it has over 80 members, of all sizes and turnovers, all united by a common cause: the protection of Industrial Property Rights both in Spain and at European and international level.

Since ANDEMA was set up in 1988, its activities and aims include the following:

  • Defending the interests of all brand and trademark owners.
  • Collaborating with many other institutions to constantly improve the legislative and practical framework for brands and trademarks in Spain.
  • Increasing awareness in the wider community of the value of trademarks for the economy, employment, innovation, trade, as well as for consumer health and safety.

All ANDEMA's member organisations include design, innovation, quality and creativity in their strategic values. This is done in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Regular meetings are taking place with our associate members using the Working Groups, in collaboration with the public administrations that we have collaborations agreements.
  • Training and exchange of good practice between business men, professionals and experts in the protection and promotion of the trademark.
  • Improving the legal framework for trademarks and industrial property in general.
  • Active participation in Industrial Property conferences, seminars and courses.
  • Prepare studies on various legal, economic and social aspects about brands, in particular, on consumer perception on trademarks.
  • Making reputation and well-known certificates.
  • Inform to mass media about the importance of trademarks and other industrial property rights by encouraging their acceptance and respect by consumers.

ANDEMA has a countrywide network of contacts here in Spain that includes leading public bodies dealing with various aspects of trademark protection and many private sector associations.

At international level, ANDEMA belongs to associations such as the Global Anti-Counterfeiting Network (GACG) and the Association des Industries de Marques (AIM, the European Trademarks Association).

ANDEMA has had a very important role in the creation of a culture to promote the protection of the trademark, and act to defend the general interests of its associates, all of them trademark owners.

More than thirty years making history

ANDEMA, 25 years at the services of trademarks