Andema and the consumer

At ANDEMA, we believe in the power of trademarks, designs and patents as the main intangible asset of companies. The trademark is a tool for competitiveness and internationalization and a generator of wealth and employment in the economy and society.

Two main functions of trademarks are the differentiation and individualization of products, as well as indicating its business origin, although the brands are much more than a mere right of industrial property or a logo.

For consumer, trademarks simplify their choice in the act of purchase, thus reducing the risk of confusion over the product or service purchased. The trademark identify the business origin of the product or service, they serve as a direct link between the company and the consumer, thus constituting a promise of a satisfactory consumption in terms of the expected quality.

In this way, trademarks contribute to the better development of consumers daily lives, which, ultimately, are all of us.

Andema y el consumidor