The history of our company started in 1974 when several family companies with a long tradition of fishing and selling elver decided to unite their efforts and create the largest company in the sector, ANGULAS AGUINAGA, S. A.

The capture of the elver began to fall drastically in the early 80s, so that Angulas Aguinaga only managed to market 10% of the usual volume. Faced with a problem of such magnitude, the company had to seek business alternatives, deciding to create a natural substitute for the elver.

At Christmas 1991 the launch of 'La Gula del Norte' took place and Angulas Aguinaga abandoned the fishing and commercialization of the elver. This substitute based on surimi that has had great success thanks to the great quality obtained and its easy of preparation.

The product is protected by two patents owned by Angulas Aguinaga S.A. in which the inventive character of the product as well as the manufacturing process is recognized.