Campaign "Counterfeit goods hide a serious danger"

Los productos falsos esconden un grave peligro

"Consume Original, Be Authentic", aimed in its third edition to draw the attention of consumers about the risks posed by counterfeit auto parts and electronic devices.

ANDEMA participates in this campaign launched by ASGECO, with this campaign it's recalled the serious damage caused by counterfeiting in Spain in terms of lost sales (more than 8,800 million euros), employment (98,500 fewer jobs) but also of the lack of protection that the consumer suffers when acquiring these products and the risk that it supposes for their health.
The initiative had various means of diffusion, in addition to conferences that were held in Alicante and Madrid:

Roadshow Route 2017 (traveling bus), approached the campaign to all consumers and users in a tour of various points of the Spanish geography:

-Cáceres, October 2th. 
-Córdoba, October 4th 
-Cádiz, October 6th
-Málaga, October 9th 
-Alicante, October 16th
-Salou, October 18th
-Pamplona, October 20th
-Madrid, October 23th y 24th 

  • Informative guide, which was distributed in the road show and disseminated throughout Spain. You can download it here (add link).
  •  Video spot and viralization through social networks.
  •  Dissemination campaign and media plan (digital press, agencies, Facebook, Google and social media) with banners and animated videos (visible on the web and at 
  • Specific website that centralizes all the information of this campaign and the previous editions.