Anti-counterfeiting Day 2017

Día Antifalsificación 2017

The trade proliferation of counterfeits good in Internet, key point of the Anti-Counterfeiting Day.


On June 30th, 2017, the "Association for the Defense of Trademarks" (ANDEMA) and the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (OEPM) organized an event in collaboration with the State Tax Administration Agency (Customs Department), the State Security Forces and the "Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces" (FEMP). This, to commemorate the Anti-Counterfeiting Day in Spain and in order to increase the level of awareness among Spanish consumers about the problems caused by the distribution and sale of counterfeits goods, and about the dangers that this phenomenom proliferation has experienced through Internet sales.

With this objective, during the event, the video "Apuesta por la protección: marca la diferencia" ("Bet for protection: mark the difference") was presented. 

This video explains the story of two entrepreneurs who protect their intabgible assets by registering their business and they got combat the activity of counterfeiters who want to take unfair advantage from their efforts. 

You can watch the video below: 


During the act, the data of the annual balance of the interventions of the fight against the industrial property rights infringements were made public by the Ministry of Interior, as well as the annual data of the activity against the counterfeits of the Department of Customs and Special Taxes (AEAT). In 2016, more than four million counterfeit products were seized in Spain and this products in the market would have reached a value of 779,800 million euros.




This meeting was a great opportunity to manifest in a public and resounding way, the rejection of this kind of criminal activity that every year destroys more than 67.000 direct jobs in Spain, and which represents a loss in sales of more than 7 million euros. Acts like this highlight the public-private cooperation importance between national and international institutions to eradicate it.

In this framework, Rosa Tous, President of ANDEMA, emphasized during her speech that "The solution to end the sale of counterfeit product requires the institutional will in all levels, but also through knowledge. We must be responsible consumers who buy in legal stores that generate employment and wealth and assume their responsibilities". 



El impacto de las marcas